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Rail and other Transport Issues

One possible way of reinstating the rail link - what do you think?

Radstock Action Group is always interested in looking at proposals for the detail of reinstating the rail link. Here is one possibility. But we would like to hear your views. Click here to contact us

Click here to download the document (233Kb pdf)

BANES Council 20 January 2011 - Statement by Radstock Action Group on Agenda Item 7 (30Kb pdf)

The Importance of the Reinstatement of the Rail Link between Radstock and Frome - A Statement by Radstock Action Group - 21 January 2011 (35Kb pdf)

  1. Radstock Action Group Response to the Joint Local Transport Plan 3 Consultations {156Kb pdf)
  2. Radstock Action Group Bus Consultation Response (34Kb pdf)
  3. Radstock Action Group response to the Network Rail Route Utilisation Strategy (50Kb pdf)

'Next Stop Radstock?' Click here to watch our film